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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Deer Hunter

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Deer hunting is an art, perhaps more so than other hunting types. Due to a variety of factors such as the skittish nature of deer and their keen senses, tagging a whitetail can be more of a challenge than other beasts.

Give your technique and strategy an edge with these 10 tips for becoming a better deer hunter:

10. Keep Your Gear Ready & Maintained

Any hunter is only as good as his gear. Make sure you keep your kit clean and well-organized, and regularly maintain your major pieces such as your rifle, binoculars, and so on. This will keep them in perfect working order and prevent malfunctions in the field.

9. Use the Wind to Your Advantage

Always set your deer stand so you’re downwind or crosswind where you think deer will arrive. This lowers the likelihood of a buck catching your scent and sending them running. This technique is so effective that, on windy days, sometimes you can walk right up to a bedded deer for an easy kill.

8. Only Hunt in a Small Area

The majority of deer have a home range of about a square mile or less of territory. Therefore, studying and staying within a few small areas will allow you to hit more shots and bag more game compared to hunters that roam across a wider area.

7. Sit Tight if Other Hunters Are Moving

Moving hunters frequently push deer toward still hunters who have the patience and terrain knowledge to know a good spot when they see one. The more you move around, the more you spread your scent and the more noise you make, chasing bucks away.

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6. Apply Odor Eliminator After Arriving at Your Stand

Speaking of scent, don’t just apply odor eliminators when you get dressed. Also apply it when you set up your tree stand and get ready to settle in for the long haul. Your body constantly makes more odor that deer are well-equipped to detect.

5. Shower Before Hunting

By the same token, shower down before heading out on a deer hunt. It’ll eliminate most of your major odors and, combined with an odor eliminator, will help to mask your presence at your stand.

4. Use Tree Stand Blinds

Remember, when it comes to hunting deer, maximum concealment is key. Don’t just wear camouflage clothing; use tree stand blinds to fool deer eyes and give yourself some extra shelter from harsh winds at the same time.

3. Don’t Fall – Wear a Safety Harness

The majority of deer hunting accidents from falling off a tree stand happen when you’re climbing in or out of it. Do yourself a favor and avoid ruining your hunt with an injury by wearing a full-body safety harness. Practice getting in and out of the tree stand quickly while wearing all the gear for maximum effectiveness.

2. Bring Lunch

Lots of inexperienced hunters break for lunch and leave prime hunting territory when they get hungry. Stay toasty by dressing warm and packing a lunch and you’ll have better odds of bagging a big buck.

1. Wait for the Perfect Shot

Lastly, don’t take the first shot that is made available to you. Sometimes it’s better to wait for another few seconds for a better opportunity and a clear shot that guarantees a kill, than it is to hit a glancing blow and send a buck running for the hills. Then you have a responsibility to catch up to the animal and put it out of its misery.

A lot of things have to line up perfectly in order to tag a deer, so be sure to hone your skills and understanding with these 10 tips so you can come home with the goods!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

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