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3 Reasons Why the Founding Fathers Implemented the Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment is a sacred part of the Bill of Rights that enshrines our right to bear arms and to form well-regulated militias.

But while we all take this Amendment as gospel today, you have to wonder – why did the Founding Fathers consider this issue to be so important back in their time?

In truth, there were many things that led to its creation.

Let’s break down 3 major reasons why the Founding Fathers implemented the Second Amendment in the first place:

3. The Revolutionary War – British Troops Invaded American Homes

The Second Amendment came about in part as a direct response to the British Army's tendency to take over American homes to quarter their soldiers.

During the Revolutionary War, many American citizens did not have the arms to resist British soldiers when they demanded materials or housing.

To the Founding Fathers, this was a gross violation of personal rights. So they made sure that, with the Second Amendment, future American citizens would always be armed and able to resist the military when necessary.

After all, each person’s home is their private domain. Even the United States military should not be able to demand supplies or quarters from America’s citizens.

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2. The Continental Army Needed Volunteers with Arms

The Second Amendment was also brought about after the Revolutionary War since the Founding Fathers knew that their own Continental Army was comprised of volunteer militia groups.

These militia groups have their own arms or armaments, which was vital since the United States government at the time did not have the manufacturing or organizational power to create weapons for its troops on a large scale.

The Revolutionary War was, therefore, mostly fought with well-regulated and homegrown militias that did everything they could to resist the might and tyranny of the British government.

Since our Continental Army eventually won the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers recognized how important it was for people to keep those armaments. 

Remember, back in those days, the states were more independent and it was thought that, in times of national crisis, the United States would field an army comprised of volunteer militias from each individual state.

1. The Government Should Always Be Beholden to Its Citizens

Perhaps most importantly of all, the Founding Fathers implemented the Second Amendment so that the new United States government would always be beholden to its citizens.

In their mind, they had just won freedom from the British Empire because they stood up in armed revolution, forcing the British government to grant America independence.

To the Founding Fathers, it was crucial that future American citizens had the same power to overthrow a potentially tyrannical government at any time.

Not only does this keep the government honest, but it ensures that regular citizens always have the power to affect change when necessary.

All in all, the Second Amendment is a crucial part of the Bill of Rights and something that the Founding Fathers would never want to be diluted or overturned.

That’s why it’s important to keep voting Republican and ensure that the Democrats can’t remove this amendment’s true power.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

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