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30 Survival Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

Posted by Justin on

How ready are you for anything? It’s wild times out there, and the best way to ensure that you and your circle will make it through any survival situation is to become radically and entirely self reliant.

Whether you’re a new prepper or a hardened survivalist who’s ready to take an apocalypse in your stride; there’s some things you should stock your bug out bag with to make sure you’ll be in good standing if the SHTF.

Some of the basic survival items you should pack are a no-brainer, but others on this list may not have made your initial cut. One thing we do know: If it ever comes down to it, you’ll be mighty glad you packed all 30 of these critical items.

Use this checklist of 30 Survival Essentials you may not have thought of, or never knew you needed until now:

30. Portable Water Filter – if you want to survive for any amount of time, you’ll need clean water. Camping or outdoor filters let you filter fresh water wherever you go

29. Water Purification Tablets – alternatively, use water purification tablets. These are less cumbersome than traditional water filters and can be dropped into any water bottle for fresh water on the go

28. Water Bottles – try a durable stainless steel bottle and you’ll have a tough, cleanable drinking container for all your survival needs

27. Survival Tarp – grab a survival tarp or space blanket to outlast inclement weather and low temperatures

26. Cold Weather Tent – if you need to survive in winter exposure, a cold-weather tent is a must-have

25. Sleeping Bag – consider a sleeping bag for surviving outdoors or for bundling up for extra warmth in a cold-weather tent

24. Sunglasses – don’t discount the value of polarized sunglasses, especially if you have to survive in snowy areas. Snow blindness or sun damage to the eyes poses a true hazard

23. Survival Knife – a survival knife can protect you from threats and help you to build tools, as well as harvest natural resources

22. Survival Firearm – a survival firearm is a great choice to defend you and your family from other humans or from wild animals

21. Bore Snake – you’ll need a bore snake so you can clean your survival firearm regularly and prevent malfunctions

20. Tactical Pen – a tactical pen serves as both a writing implement and another defensive tool in an emergency

19. Flashlight – a tactical or survival flashlight can help you find your way in the dark or signal for help

18. Radio – speaking of signaling for help, you’ll need a radio to contact other people in an emergency situation

17. Lighter – be sure to pack at least one lighter so you can make a fire once you have some kindling

16. Fire Striker – a fire striker is another great lighting implement and it’s even more reliable since you don’t have to worry about it running out of fuel

15. Paper Maps – in an emergency situation, you likely won’t have GPS. Grab a paper map of your local area to find your way around

14. Tinder Box – a tinderbox is an essential survival necessity for starting regular campfires

13. Hatchet – be sure to secure a hatchet for your survival kit. Hatchets are versatile tools all around

12. Flaregun – grab a flare gun so you can signal for assistance if you see a helicopter or other survivors in the area

11. Multi-tool – multi-tools include lots of implements such as utensils, screwdrivers, and knives

10. Blade Sharpener – be sure to grab a blade sharpener, as you’ll need this to keep your knife and hatchet sharp

9. Duct Tape – infinitely handy, it can be used to patch holes in a tent, create a makeshift cord, and even start a fire

8. Lantern – be sure to pack a lantern so you can have reliable light in the darkness without wearing down your flashlight’s batteries

7. Watch – you may need to keep time with a watch if you have to meet emergency services at a particular area by a set time

6. Survival Stove – if you have the space, buy a survival stove so you can eat nutritious meals

5. Bandana – a bandana can keep you cool and protect the back of your neck from sunburn

4. Fishing Pole – if you have experience fishing, a fishing pole will help you harvest nutritious fish

3. Spork – buy at least one metal spork so you don’t have to eat with your fingers

2. Boots – any survivalist needs durable and comfortable hiking boots at a bare minimum

1. Solar Charger – all of your electrical devices will need power. A solar charger will help you recharge those devices indefinitely

With your bug out bag stocked with these 30 essentials, you’ll be equipped to come out the other side of any emergency. Above all else, don’t forget to pack a resilient attitude!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

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