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4 Examples of What Happens to Citizens Who Give Up Their Guns

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These days, lots of gun-control proponents say something to the effect of “you don’t really need your guns; what will you use them for?” Even though most Americans know in their hearts that they should keep their guns, many of us don’t always know what to say…

If ever you need more ammunition in your arguments supporting the 2nd Amendment, refer to these prime examples of countries now suffering as a result of succumbing to tyrannical gun control laws.

Let’s take a look at 4 historical examples of what happened to citizens who gave up their guns on the orders of their governments:

4. The Mao Revolution in China

Also called the Cultural Revolution in China, this violent socio-political movement lasted from 1966 until 1976 under the direction of Mao Zedong: a Communist totalitarian and, ultimately, a mass murderer. 

The Revolution started with the removal of firearms from Chinese individuals after Mao’s party took control in 1966. The result? Irreversible damage to China’s economy and culture, and a death toll that reached up to 20 million people by the end. 

Even today, the aftereffects of the Cultural Revolution can be felt throughout China. It’s difficult to understate what a disaster it is for citizens to give up their guns to a communist government.

3. Cuba

Another Cold War revolution took place in Cuba in 1953 and ended in 1958. This Cuban Revolution saw the Communist Party of Cuba take control of the country and remove firearms from the hands of its citizens.

Over the years, the Cold War heated up and Cuba became a proxy state for the Soviet Union. Things came to a head during the Cuban missile crisis. The Cuban people gave up their ability to fight and their nation was almost the beachhead for World War III as a result.

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2. Nazi Germany

Naturally, Nazi Germany tells a story about the other side of totalitarianism: fascism. Many German citizens were forbidden from owning weapons after Hitler took power (unless they were part of the murdering military, that is).

We all know the story of Nazi Germany and the unspeakable horrors that were carried out within its borders and throughout Europe. Many citizens were unable to stand up or resist even if they wanted to, because they had no means to fight back against Hitler’s military machine.

1. Venezuela

Venezuela is technically in the midst of its own revolution, which has been ongoing since 1999. Formerly led by Hugo Chavez and now led by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, this social movement has led to over 3 million Venezuelan refugees fleeing their home country for other destinations, including the US.

Average citizens in Venezuela are unable to resist their government and its corruption. Why? Because they don’t have the guns they need to stand up to the military.

As all these examples demonstrate, it’s never a good idea for citizens to give up control of their firearms. Our Founding Fathers knew, guns are the great equalizer; they allow citizens to hold their government accountable for great injustices.

So when someone tells you that you don’t really need your guns, refer to the above social catastrophes. History gives us plenty of evidence that the reverse is true. There should be no limitations on Second Amendment rights for Americans.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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