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4 Vietnam War Heroes Who Were Crucial to Winning the War

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The Vietnam War was a conflict that most Americans know only a little about.

In general, the major known points are that it was a war against communism, that it resulted in a lot of men losing their lives, and that there’s a monument in Washington DC that stands to this day. 

But far too few people know about the Vietnam War heroes that helped to bring us to ultimate victory.  

It’s high time we paid attention to these courageous patriots. Here are just a few:

4. Thomas Norris

A member of the U.S. Navy and a SEAL Lieutenant, Thomas Norris was awarded the Medal of Honor for his role in a rescue operation that took place in the middle of the North Vietnamese’s Easter Offensive. 

Norris helped to rescue Iceal Hambleton, who had critical information about the war effort. Norris led a five-man team directly into the heart of enemy territory and recovered not only Hambleton, but also Lieutenant Mark Clark. 

Norris was assisted by a South Vietnamese commando, and both men disguised themselves as fishermen in order to pull off the daring operation. He received the Medal of Honor for his courageous achievement.

3. Jay Vargas

Captain Jay Vargas of the US Marines led an assault on an enemy village despite being wounded the previous day. Vargas led his squad to establish a foothold in the village and eventually became wounded a second time.

Through the Captain’s leadership, the village was nonetheless held throughout the following night.

When Vargas’ battalion commander went down, he organized a successful evacuation and led further defenses to ultimate victory. He received the Medal of Honor – well deserved, in our eyes.

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2. George Day

George Day, a then-Major in the US Air Force, was shot down over enemy territory on August 26, 1967. Though he ejected, he was still badly injured and was eventually captured and taken to a POW camp.

However, Day was clever enough to escape the guards and survive using his skills in the Vietnamese jungles.

Though he was eventually recaptured, he survived the war and provided motivation and inspiration to his fellow prisoners until they were released. He also received the Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts, as well as the Air Force Cross.

1. Drew Dix

Drew Dix of the US army was just a staff sergeant on the first day of the Tet Offensive: January 31, 1968.

When Chau Phu was attacked, Dix was stationed nearby and led a small squad into a counterattack. Dix performed admirably, attacking where possible and even rescuing some civilians from the Vietcong. 

He led his group over two days and eventually downed fourteen enemies, along with capturing 25. It’s no stretch to say that Dix may have been partially responsible for the overall success of the Tet Offensive in the end.

Of course, these four Vietnam heroes are just the start of an illustrious roll of valiant soldiers. There are many more whose names are commemorated in the Vietnam Memorial in D.C, and forever immortalized for their brave sacrifice.

Hopefully we’ve ignited an interest in the Vietnam War so that America’s heroes can be properly recognized for their crucial roles in this historic conflict.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

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