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5 Politicians Standing Up for Our Right to Bear Arms

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While the gun control debate can seem unwinnable sometimes, everyday conservatives are not alone in their fight. 

In fact, there are many current politicians more than willing to stand up for our right to bear arms. Don’t know who we’re talking about? 

Here's 5 fearless politicians worth checking out, voting for & donating to, as they stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights:

5. Steve Scalise

The former Republican House Whip Representative Steve Scalise has long been a major supporter of the Second Amendment and the universal American right to bear arms. In fact, he has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. 

In addition to these aspects, Scalise is a member of the Congressional Second Amendment Task Force, in which he uses his position to prevent Democrats from encroaching on Second Amendment liberties more than they already have.

4. John Cornyn

Sen. John Cornyn, an avid outdoorsman from Texas, very much enjoys the freedoms that the Second Amendment grants. He knows the power and potential of firearms because he often hunts, chutes, and fishes.

In Washington DC, Cornyn uses his status as a Representative to defend the Second Amendment and promote outdoor sporting traditions across America. He also supports many common-sense wildlife conservation policies, which Democrats typically forget in their push to limit the Second Amendment protections we all need.

3. Collin Peterson

Collin Peterson is actually an oddball in this list. He’s a Democratic Representative from Minnesota, specifically representing the Western part of the state. He’s a long-serving Congressman that, despite identifying with the Democratic party, is known to compromise and lead discussions to bipartisan agreements more often than many of his compatriots. 

He specifically dislikes many of his Democratic fellows’ so-called “common sense” gun restrictions and legislation proposals. As opposed to many other Democrats, Peterson does not believe that the federal government has the wisdom or ability to properly restrict gun use and wants to leave it more up to the states. 

With any luck, more Republicans and Democrats alike will follow Peterson's example and not treat their political party like a sports team they should side with on every occasion. To really make American democracy work, Republicans and Democrats need to know how to compromise, particularly on important discussions like the gun control debate.

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2. Jim Hagedorn

Representative Jim Hagedorn is another Minnesota representative (one of three Republicans in Minnesota, in fact). He represents southern Minnesota and believes that current Democratic legislative pushes are too restrictive. 

For example, he dislikes that the recent control bill prevented sharing or transferring weapons between family members and friends. This can make it difficult to, for instance, share guns on a hunting trip. Hagedorn’s concerns are certainly sensible and are something both sides will need to consider as we move forward in this debate.

1. Tom Emmer

Last but not least is Representative Tom Emmer. He has explicitly stated that the American people need to respect the Second Amendment and honor due process when it comes to punishing criminals who use guns to commit mass shootings and other terrible events. In addition, he doesn’t believe that innocent Americans should be punished for the actions of a few.

As you can see, there are plenty of politicians currently standing up for Second Amendment rights. Be sure to vote in local elections so we can swing the balance of political power back to where it belongs!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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