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5 Spectacular Feats You Didn't Know About Teddy Roosevelt

Posted by Justin on

There’s a lot of “big things” that people know about Teddy Roosevelt – namely, he fought in the Mexican-American War and was partially responsible for the Panama Canal.

But Roosevelt is a fascinating character and he did a lot more than just those highlights!

Let’s take a look at 5 important but lesser-known feats and facts about Teddy Roosevelt that you might not already know:

5. Teddy Was An Accomplished Author

Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt was actually an author, among other things?

In addition to his other professions (which included being a rancher, a hunter, and even the president of the United States), Teddy Roosevelt authored multiple books with titles like Winning of the West and Hunting Trips of a Ranchman.

The writing was mostly instructional or autobiographical, but they were successful enough that Roosevelt actually lived on the earnings from his publishing instead of his public office salaries in later life.

4. He Captured Boat Thieves!

Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t one to rest on his laurels at any point.

In 1886, one of his boats was stolen from his ranch to be taken down the Little Missouri River.

Rather than wait for the authorities to take care of things (and based on the fact that Roosevelt was a deputy sheriff at the time), Roosevelt himself went after the thieves with two of his ranch hands. 

Although the pursuit was in the middle of winter, Roosevelt eventually caught the boat thieves after three days of chasing them.

Rather than handcuffing the offenders, Roosevelt had them remove their boots: an effective deterrent against running away.

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3. He Started the National Parks

Many people know that Teddy Roosevelt was an avid environmentalist.

But he also started the National Parks in the United States, outlining multiple gorgeous plots of land to be preserved for future generations and protect them from any kind of environmental exploitation.

If you’ve ever been to places such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, or any other National Park, you ultimately have Teddy Roosevelt to thank for the experience!

It was his foresight that has allowed these places to stay pristine for over a century after his presidential term.

2. He Was Shot… Then Delivered a Speech!

There’s no denying that Teddy Roosevelt was one of the toughest presidents to ever live.

Indeed, October 14, 1912, saw Roosevelt giving a speech in Milwaukee.

He was shot by a would-be assassin named John Schrank.

Rather than rushing to the hospital, Roosevelt spoke for another 84 minutes to deliver his speech before he received medical attention. 

Of course, he survived, and the bullet stayed near his ribs for the rest of his life. What an absolute beast of a man! 

1. He Kept Lots of Animals in the White House

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Teddy Roosevelt had a fondness for animals.

Indeed, he had multiple dogs of the White House… But he also had a host of rabbits, horses, and lots of other more exotic animals.

His menagerie included a lion, a zebra, multiple bears, a badger, a few chickens, several flying squirrels, and even a rat. It was practically a zoo!

All of these feats and quirks help to paint a more complete picture of one of America’s most charming and important presidents in its history.

Roosevelt was a real character, and about as strong as a bull moose, as he would say! 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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  • Roosevelt was not an environmentalist, he was a conservationist. There is a huge difference. Apart from establishing the national parks, a lot of his policies were really bad.

    Eric Deutsch on

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