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5 Things You Should Leave Behind in an Emergency Evacuation

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No one really wants to contemplate what they would do in an emergency evacuation, let alone leave all of their treasured belongings behind.

But it’s important to know what you should take and what you should leave behind if you have to get out of dodge in a hurry, whether due to an environmental disaster or other emergencies.

Here’s 5 totally replaceable items that simply don’t make the cut when time is of the essence:

5. Heavy Appliances and Entertainment Items

Save your strength and don’t take any heavy appliances or entertainment items with you.

While there’s some logic in taking a tablet or a similar device with you for Internet connectivity or for their other tools (like a compass), leave your flatscreen TV behind and don’t try to fit your hairdryer in your emergency backpack.

If you have kids, a single toy or electronic device is all you should consider taking with you.

Remember, everything is replaceable. Except, of course, your life. Every second counts in an evacuation scenario, so don't lose precious minutes attempting to haul heavy or bulky electrical goods when those minutes could be better spent getting to safety.

4. Impractical Survival Clothing

If you have to leave your home or town, you’ll be better off with durable, comfortable clothes instead of good-looking apparel, like suits or dresses.

Overly fragile or thin clothes won’t protect you well enough from the elements if you have to spend time outdoors, too.

A better idea is to take lots of durable coats, long-sleeve shirts, and jeans if you have the time and space to take extra clothes in the first place.

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3. Disposable Drinkware & Plates

Contrary to what you might see on the news, don’t take any disposable drinkware dishes like plastic bottles or paper plates. 

These objects might be good for short-term use, but they’ll quickly become damaged and won’t serve you well over the long-term. 

Instead, focus on reusable and durable drinkware and dishes. They’re reusable and tough enough to last, even with lots of wear and tear. You may need good drinkware and dishes to eat and drink safely while you are waiting to return home.

2. Personal Care Products

Body and haircare products for either men or women just aren’t worth taking with you in an emergency. If you have to evacuate your home in a hurry, leave all of this stuff behind. 

You won’t be going on any dates or impressing any bosses in the aftermath of a catastrophe! 

Plus, a lot of that stuff is quick to expire and easy to spill inside backpacks or duffel bags. This can cause a huge mess and even contaminate your water and food supplies if you aren’t careful.

1. Perishable Foods

Lastly, don’t take any easily perishable or soon to expire foods with you. That means any foods that require refrigeration, can bruise easily, or won't last too many days before starting to go bad.

If you absolutely have to take fresh foods with you, try to eat these first and leave any canned goods for later.

Fragile foods that require refrigeration will more often just be an unnecessary burden on your shoulders.

Plus, you might not know how long you'll need to survive on any food you're taking with you, so make sure all the sustenance you pack will be able to go the distance and travel with you if you're on the move.

Again, it’s tough to think about what you should probably leave behind if you have to evacuate your home in an emergency. 

But, it’s a good idea to have these answers solidified in your mind before a crazy catastrophe so you aren’t scrambling to figure things out if disaster does strike.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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