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Biden’s 5 Most Extreme Executive Orders (So Far!)

Posted by Justin on

American politics are at a very extreme point, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Presidential Executive Orders.

Each time a new Republican or Democrat President takes office, they unleash a slew of Executive Orders to mandate immediate changes, effectively bypassing the checks and balances inherent in the Constitution.

Let’s take a look at Biden's 5 most extreme executive orders so far and reflect on whether or not they were really necessary:

5. Freezing Rules Passed by Trump

First and arguably most egregious was Biden’s very first Executive Order, in which he reversed all of the rules and orders that President Trump had mandated right before he left office. This first Executive Order signed by Biden effectively swept the record clean and, in our opinion, left a bad taste in the mouth as power was transferred from one administration to the other.

4. Equity Assessments

Another egregious Executive Order by Biden focused on conducting so-called “equity assessments” for all of its agencies. In the terms of the order itself, the goal was to “advance equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality”.

America is a bastion of freedom, but that doesn’t mean the government should hand things to you outright. An Executive Order that now essentially mandates that equity be forced in government positions is, in our opinion, a big mistake and one that will play out to adversely affect the Biden administration in the future.

3. Mask Mandates

Mask mandates are a hot topic debate throughout the country, but in our opinion, it was a big move for the Biden administration to mandate mask-wearing on Federal Government property, such as Federal work centers, military bases, and so on.

Whether you agree with mask mandates or not is irrelevant. The point is that this Executive Order was quite extreme because it expanded the power of the Federal Government: something we can all agree is not what we want, no matter whether you’re Republican or a Democrat.

At this juncture, the Federal Government needs to have less power, not more. Arguably, mask mandates should have been left up to State Governments for a more balanced response.

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2. Incorporating Undocumented Immigrants in the Census

The Census officially records the current numbers and demographics of the United States population. But Biden wrote an Executive Order officially incorporating all undocumented immigrants in the country into the Census record taking.

This is pretty serious, as it could significantly affect state populations, representative levels, and many other major government decisions for 10 years to come. Remember, the Census only occurs once a decade. It may well prove to be a major mistake by the administration to incorporate undocumented immigrants in the Census in this way.

1. Reversing Transgender Military Ban

Lastly, Biden once again flexed his Executive Order muscles by reversing President Trump’s transgender military ban. Again, no matter where you fall on this issue, it’s safe to say that the Federal Government shouldn’t be weighing on civil liberties or limitations in this way.

All in all, Biden’s Executive Orders thus far have shown a determination to expand the reach of the Federal Government and elevate its power even further, which we are against.

With luck, this trend of Presidents continually increasing their own power will stop sooner rather than later. 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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