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Explained: Why Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Such a Big Deal

Posted by Justin on

Recent news about the discovery of a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, has been making the rounds on new media.

Let’s break down why this laptop is such a big deal.

Background: What Laptop Are We Talking About?

Let’s back up in case you are unfamiliar with the story so far.

It all reportedly started on April 12, 2019, when a man entered a Mac computer repair store in Delaware.

The man gave his name as Hunter Biden and reportedly turned in three laptops for repair and refurbishing.

One of the laptops was examined by the store owner, who noted a number of “disturbing pieces of information” on that computer.

What exactly was on the laptop?

Exactly what the Democrats have been accusing Trump and other Republicans of for many years now.

Evidence that Hunter Biden was meeting with Ukrainian energy advisors.

In addition, the laptop contains some evidence that Joe Biden himself may have made deals with foreign energy producers.

This essentially puts the Biden family in the crosshairs for Russian conspiracy theories.

While the laptop didn’t provide any hard-core evidence of collusion yet, it’s certainly odd to see given the Democrats’ tendency to point the finger at the Republicans.

Do they doth protest too much?

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Why These Emails Matter

But what’s the big deal with this laptop?

As we mentioned above, this is really only newsworthy because the Biden family and the Democrats have long accused Pres. Trump of collaborating with Russian infiltrators and trolls.

In fact, many have even gone so far as to suggest that Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But now we are finding emails apparently showing that the Biden family may be guilty of exactly the same kind of corruption they’ve accused Pres. Trump of.

This is bad for a few reasons:

For starters, it lowers American faith in our political system even further. This is a bad thing since many Americans don’t trust the political process anymore.

For another, it shows that Joe Biden isn’t fit for the presidency if he has been collaborating with Russians and Ukrainians, particularly when it comes to energy in the economy.

Any future American president needs to be America first.

They shouldn’t be striking deals with foreign energy executives or their companies in an attempt to make a profit.

The Democrats have tried to cover up these emails or declare them as illegitimate, of course. 

How Could This Laptop’s Discovery Affect America?

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how exactly this laptop could affect America and the election that is still in play, despite many media pundits already calling it for Biden.

In our opinion, the laptop is pretty solid proof that Biden and his greater family can’t be trusted and should be viewed with suspicion.

But many more people are dismissing the laptop's discovery and instead opting to claim that Pres. Trump is the one who has accepted foreign money.

Our advice?

Try to spread as much truth as you can and keep fighting for America’s future.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump.

Justin, Author
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