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How to Approach Your Family About Gun Safety

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Many of us already have guns, but many of us also haven't had an important conversation with our families about gun safety yet. 

It's high time that we do this, both to ensure adequate gun education and to make sure that our families use any firearms in the home safely and responsibly.

Here's 4 pointers on starting the conversation with your kids & family about gun safety: 

4. Explain That Guns Are Valuable for Personal & Property Protection

Firstly, be sure to explain that guns do have real value in terms of personal and property protection. 

This is an important point to make if someone in your family is worried about their safety, or has gun concerns because of moral reasons. 

While it’s important (of course) to use guns properly and safely, they truly are equalizers.

This is particularly true if you live in a bad neighborhood or need to protect your property from animals or trespassers.

3. Emphasize That Guns are Tools – They’re as Dangerous as You Make Them

We’d recommend stressing that guns are only as dangerous as the people who use them.

While accidents can and do happen, these are vanishingly rare if people use firearms correctly and safely.

Following gun safety procedures and habits to the letter can go a long way toward keeping firearms safe, even if you have children in your home. This can help kids or those initially opposed to guns from staying adamantly against them forever.

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2. Ensure That Kids Treat Guns with Proper Respect

It’s especially important that you have a long talk with kids about guns, especially if they can be accessed at any time.

This goes double for younger children, who may still be smart enough to take a gun from a safe or storage box without you knowing. 

Be sure to emphasize that guns need to be treated with proper respect. They are never toys and should never be played with without care and safe handling, even if the handler feels confident and in control. 

There’s never an excuse, for instance, to have a gun’s safety off when the holder is not prepared to fire immediately.

Kids have to be taught this lesson multiple times since they are less likely to truly grasp the potential consequences of using a gun incorrectly or unsafely, so don't hesitate to return to this subject with them several times.

1. Start Drilling Gun Safety into Everyone – Even Yourself!

Speaking of safety, it may help to start doing weekly or even biweekly gun safety drills and practices with your family, especially if you have kids.

Gun safety habits take a while to ingrain into your mind so that they become second nature.

For example, you should approach your family about gun handling with a safety-first emphasis.

Show everyone in your family how to properly:

  • Load and unload a gun 
  • Keep the safety of a gun “on” until it’s time to shoot 
  • How to properly clean and store a firearm 
  • How to hold a firearm – lots of people wave gun barrels around without thinking 
  • How to consider a gun as “always loaded” even if you are supposedly sure that you removed all the bullets from the weapon 

Going over these drills again and again may seem annoying to your kids or other family members at first, but getting these lessons memorized through repetition protects all of you in the long run.

Hopefully, approaching gun safety in this way will help reassure anyone in your family who’s a little wary of guns that they can be used safely and effectively. Good luck! 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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