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How to Securely Store Your Firearms if You Have Kids at Home

Posted by Justin on

Millions of Americans have firearms in their homes to protect their families, but that also means that there are often precious kids around that need to be kept out of harm’s way.  

While accidents involving kids and guns are exceedingly rare, it’s still important to know how to securely store your firearms so that said accidents never happen to you or your family.  

Here’s 4 ways you can ensure the safety of your family while remaining prepared to defend them:

4. Use a Gun Safe

A gun safe is, by far, the best way to securely store your firearms, regardless of whether you have kids in the home or not.

That’s because gun safes can also protect your firearms from being stolen by thieves or even by other adults who don’t know how to handle a firearm properly. 

A gun safe is a secure storage place because it’s always locked with a key or passcode.

Some of the more advanced gun safes on the market even have biometric safety protocols that prevent anyone without your thumbprint from accessing the guns inside. 

Be sure to look into gun safes that can fit all of your weapons, whether they are rifles, shotguns, or pistols.

3. Never Share the Key or Password

Once you have a gun safe, don’t share the key or password with anyone other than a responsible adult who knows how to handle a firearm properly.

Kids should never know what the password is, and you should make a point of creating a password for your gun safe that's separate from the passwords for your other stuff, like your computer. 

If your safe relies on a traditional key system, make sure you always keep the key hidden or take it with you when you're out, so your kids won't discover it when you're not around.

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2. If You Don’t Have a Safe Yet, Keep Your Guns Hidden Up High

While gun safes of the best choice overall, some folks don’t yet have a safe or can’t afford a good one to secure their entire collection yet.

If you have kids, it's crucial to prioritize this method of securing your firearms as soon as practically possible. That being said, the recent surge in Americans arming themselves has caused a shortage of accessories among manufacturers, and some folks may have difficulty finding a good gun safe in stock anywhere.

In the interim while you're waiting for your gun safe to be back in stock or to be delivered, be sure to make it as difficult as possible for little hands to discover your unsecured weapons. 

Your alternative is to place your guns up high and preferably hidden from sight. Kids don't usually go looking for guns if they don't know they exist in the first place.

Preventing your kids from knowing that you have a gun at all is a wise first step. Get around any curiosity they might feel if they do happen to find out you've got one by storing it in a safe place up high where they can't reach. 

Closets are a good idea, as are attics or above the car in the garage. However, be sure you can reach your home defense gun in a break-in scenario if needed.

1. Teach Gun Safety to Your Kids

Beyond all other safety efforts, taking some time to teach your kids how to safely and properly handle guns is the best way to ensure safe firearm storage in your home.

Once your kids understand guns and respect the power that they bring to their lives, they'll be less likely to be reckless or dangerous with guns, let alone go looking for them when they don’t need to. 

Of course, take your child’s temperament into account, as well as their age, when determining whether you should have a gun safety talk with them.

But remember: the best gun safety protection is education, not locking up all guns in the country.

Keeping firearms securely stored and educating your youngsters about the seriousness of guns is paramount.

It’s the single most important thing you can do to make sure that keeping any weapons in your home will maintain them as the tools to defend our safety that they’re intended to be. 

Be smart, be safe, be ready.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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