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Raising America Right: Why We Should Rally for the Patriotic Education Commission

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Before leaving office, President Trump carried out some important final acts to push back on liberal misinformation; in particular, the announcement and launch of the 1776 Commission. Also called the Patriotic Education Commission, this historic committee was created to prevent the spread of lies in American educational institutions, namely public schools around the country.

The jury is still out as to whether Biden intended his next move as a simple act of defiance, or if it was a full-on attack on our future of patriotism in America… But on his very first day in office, January 20th, 2021, Biden’s first order of business was terminating the 1776 Commission.

The way we see it, this act falls nothing short of an obvious attempt to poison young minds against our great country and create further divide among our citizens.

Today, let’s break down how you can support the Patriotic Education Commission and why we should rally for this cause in the first place:

The 1776 Commission’s Backstory

The 1776 Commission was a refuting commission against the 1619 Project: a liberal push to reframe American history in the context of slavery. While it’s true that slavery did play a big role in the early years of our country, especially the Civil War, that’s not what America is about now, nor was it always what America was about - or even the major force throughout its history.

The 1619 Project aimed to infiltrate schools and change textbooks to push liberal agendas on students. The 1776 Commission was the response, organized by Donald Trump and headed by Matthew Spalding. The Commission, had it been allowed to proceed, would’ve counteracted the 1619 Project’s goals with its own historical analyses and information.

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How the Commission Continues

Although the 1776 Commission has been terminated by Biden, the Commission is set to resume its activities according to Matthew Spalding, who is currently the Executive Director for the Commission. The hope is that it will be able to push back against any future liberal claims, particularly those in the education system, that are provably and historically false.

Why does this matter? Our children are the future of America, and they must know the actual history of their country rather than an overly pessimistic version that only emphasizes America's failures.

America is a country with both good and bad in its past, like all other nations on Earth. The truth will include both, not just focus on slavery as it occurred hundreds of years ago.

What You Can Do

As a logical conservative, you can take steps to support the 1776 Commission by writing to its Executive Director, by voting for conservative Representatives and Senators, and by voicing your concern with the liberal push to rewrite history, especially in public schools.

If you’re a parent, you have even more power. You can elect to take your children away from schools that lean into the ideas that the 1619 Project pushes, as well as request that your school take up materials from the 1776 Commission instead.

Above all else, let your voice be heard. We are still a democracy, and if enough people voice their support for the 1776 Commission and rally as a group, it may even be reinstated by the next Presidential administration.

More importantly, the 1619 Project will be stopped dead in its tracks forever!

Keeping the flame of patriotism alive in our younger generations is crucial to protect our country from falling further into a divided ruin. America’s youth are the future of our country, and we need to raise them right to ensure the liberal agenda isn’t imbued into every fiber of their being. Let’s teach young Americans to honor the achievements of our great nation, and carry national pride in our hearts.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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