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The Prepper Lifestyle: What it is & Why You Should Adopt it ASAP

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Being a prepper is all about preparing for emergency situations or potential catastrophes. 

Rather than walking through life expecting everything to go perfectly, preppers understand just how fragile peace and prosperity really is, so they practice a lifestyle that allows them to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

A fully realized prepper is…


Any prepper has to be able to rely on themselves first and foremost. Your community may be devastated or your friends and family may be scattered across the globe.

You have to have the confidence and supplies necessary to survive and reconnect with like-minded citizens as a prepper.

Benefit: The benefit here is quite obvious – anyone who is self-reliant will be able to get more done throughout their lives and won’t be as affected by the actions of other people.

Lives Outside Cities

Most smart preppers also live outside cities on purpose. Metropolitan areas are likely to be hubs of chaos and destruction no matter what type of disaster takes place. Rural areas are much safer and provide you with multiple avenues for escape.

Benefit: There are lots of recorded benefits for living in a rural area outside of the city, such as an increased sense of community and greater access to other self-reliant preppers like yourself. Plus, you’ll enjoy the great outdoors much more than you would if you lived in a metropolitan area.


An essential tenet of being a prepper is paying down any debt you already have so that you become debt-free as soon as possible.

Benefit: Naturally, being debt-free is a great thing for anyone, not just preppers. Having no more bills hanging over your head not only removes a lot of stress in your life, but it also lets you do more with the money you currently earn.

You can spend that money on essentials or save it up for future emergencies. In contrast, it’s almost impossible to build up a nest egg if you have a lot of debt.

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Has Low Energy Demands

Any good prepper home will be low-energy by design, maximizing the use of energy efficiency appliances and other products. Low-energy homes are crucial since any disaster will likely make fuel and power scarce, leading to increased competition for available resources.

Benefit: There are tons of benefits to altering your home and lifestyle to consume less energy. For one, it trains you to lower your reliance on the power grid. For another, it’s better for your energy bill at the end of every month!

Knows How to Live Off the Land

Good preppers also know how to live off the land by practicing farming, hunting, and fishing. You may need to acquire your own food sources and medicines if things go to hell.

Benefit: Knowing how to live off the land not only makes you more likely to survive any potential global disaster, but it’ll also save you money in the long run and boost your self-confidence. Plus, your diet and bodily health are likely to be better as a result!

As you can see, there are lots of advantages to adopting the prepper lifestyle. Consider changing your life so that you're better prepared and more able to protect yourself in the event of a global disaster soon!

Thank you for reading, United We Stand.

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