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Vertical vs Horizontal Rifle & Shotgun Mounting: What’s the Best?

Posted by Justin on

The issue of mounting for rifles and shotguns has been hotly debated for quite a while.

There are those who believe the more aesthetically pleasing orientation of horizontal mounting to be superior, while others say you should stand by the tried-and-true vertical mounting style for best results.

Which is the best? Let’s take a look at both systems and find out.

Issues with Horizontal Mounting

Let’s first take a look at horizontal weapon mounts.

These mounts have been around for a few decades by this point, but they reached real popularity in the early 2000s. Since that time, lots of weapons manufacturers and gun salesmen have used horizontal mounts to show off their armories and wares.

This looks good. But it really isn’t.

Think about it. With a horizontal mount, you can only access the weapon in front of the row.

This makes retrieving weapons from behind much more difficult: a bad thing when you’re trying to retrieve a gun behind the front most weapon.

Furthermore, horizontal mounts can become cumbersome and annoying if your rifles or shotguns have slings.

It’s really easy for the slings to get tangled in one another, and you have to be careful to maintain enough space above the lower rack (if your horizontal mounting system has multiple racks) to ensure a clean extraction.

These issues are even more pronounced when it comes to enclosed weapon cabinets.

You’ll need to move multiple weapons just to get to a single firearm, and you might end up bumping weapons off their racks to clatter to the floor in the process.

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Benefits of Vertical Mounting

In contrast, vertical rifle and shotgun mounts are much more effective.

There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Vertical mounts provide your mounting system with more flexibility. You can mount multiple weapons of varying types and sizes side-by-side, allowing you to retrieve them in an instant
  • It’s a lot faster to retrieve or dismount any weapons if they are mounted side-by-side instead of blocking one another in a horizontal fashion
  • If you’re a firearm store owner, vertical mounts are also advantageous. That’s because it’s easier to see how many guns you have or perform other types of audits a lot more quickly with standard vertical storage as opposed to horizontal storage
  • There’s less of a likelihood of dropping a firearm if it’s mounted vertically compared to if it’s mounted horizontally
  • There’s also safety to consider. In fact, people have stored their firearms vertically with the barrels pointed up for literally centuries because of the inherent safety of the orientation. Contrast this with horizontal mounting, where the barrel is theoretically pointed at chest-level.

    Sure, your guns should be unloaded… but it’s still better safe than sorry!

Choose Vertical Mounting for All Firearms

Ultimately, the choice is clear.

You should rely on vertical mounting for all of your rifles and shotguns regardless of whether you have a few firearms at your home or you’re a gun store owner looking to organize and categorize your collection for easier retrieval.

Thank you for reading, United We Stand

Justin, Author
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