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Why Are Second Amendment Sanctuaries Important?

Posted by Justin on

You might have already heard about so-called Second Amendment sanctuaries throughout the US.

In a nutshell, Second Amendment sanctuaries are any cities, counties, or even certain full states that have adopted specific gun liberty resolutions, declaring that the federal government's gun-control laws are in violation of the Constitution and ignorant of the intended understanding of the Second Amendment.

In other words, they are places where federal gun-control laws don’t necessarily apply when dealing with local law enforcement.

It’s important to note that federal officers, such as those belonging to the FBI, can still arrest you if you are found carrying a gun when you aren’t supposed to or are otherwise in violation of federal gun-control rights.

But Second Amendment sanctuaries are noteworthy for reasons beyond simply stopping local police officers from having to confiscate legally-owned weaponry. Let’s examine the other ways these sanctuaries are important:

3. They Promote a True Interpretation of the Second Amendment

For starters, Second Amendment sanctuaries promote the truest interpretation of the Second Amendment: the ability for all citizens to own whatever firearms they please. The Second Amendment was intended to prevent the federal government from ever oppressing the people again. Without it, the American people are at risk of having their rights taken away. 

Second Amendment sanctuaries are critical since they provide both Republicans and Democrats a chance to see true Second Amendment freedom in action. Many liberals inaccurately believe that states or cities with relaxed gun-control laws are places of pure chaos. 

Second Amendment sanctuaries show that this is not the case. In fact, they often have lower rates of crime than states with high gun-control laws since good guys have the tools necessary to defend themselves from bad guys.

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2. They Allow Gun Control Laws to Be Challenged in Court

Furthermore, Second Amendment sanctuaries allow current and future gun-control laws to be challenged in the Supreme Court. Say that the federal government passes a new gun-control law preventing you from owning a handgun.

For you to contest that law, someone will have to break it, leading to a court battle. Second Amendment sanctuaries are in open defiance of many improper federal restrictions on gun ownership, paving the way for Supreme Court challenges.

With luck, and the help of the new conservative judges on the Supreme Court, gun-control laws will progressively be removed or stripped of their power. It's all thanks to the opportunities provided by Second Amendment sanctuaries.

1. They Show that the Gun Control Fight is Far from Over

Perhaps most importantly of all, gun-control sanctuaries show liberals and those undecided throughout the country that the discussion about gun control is not over. 

Even though the mainstream media would have you think that most Americans are in favor of draconian gun control rights, the reality is the exact opposite.

Second Amendment sanctuaries are a big morale boost for those of us who believe in the true interpretation of the Second Amendment. 

It’s important that we try to protect Second Amendment sanctuaries wherever we can, both so we can continue to carry guns as we please and so we can show the country that we won’t be bullied into submission. 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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