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Why Conservative Right Wing Views Will Save America

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For quite a while now, many Americans have felt that our country has been in a period of stagnation. Political divisiveness has poisoned the possibility of bipartisan agreements; everyone seems to take very extreme views on all kinds of issues; and America is rapidly falling in terms of its military strength, economic dominance, and social leadership.

But it doesn't have to stay this way. Rather than turning to hyper-leftist and progressive views for impossible solutions, right-wing conservative views offer a realistic alternative and a way toward a brighter future for all Americans:

Modern Politics Are Poisonous

Why? Simply put, modern politics are no longer productive. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, your political party is likely now more concerned about beating the other side than actually doing what is 

This hyper politicization has led to a number of long-lasting problems, including the degradation of our school systems, the outsourcing of jobs to countries like China, and even the diminishing of the integrity of our political process.

That’s why you should support conservative candidates, seeing as the GOP has proven time and time again that they are nothing more than worthless, spineless, pathetic RINOs.

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Conservatism Offers a Better Path

Conservatism as a political ideology is not necessarily associated with Republicans, although it has been for a long time. 

Instead, conservatism as an ideology focuses on: 

  • Returning to America the values we can recognize and honorably defend 
  • Limiting the power of the government 
  • Helping everyone to realize that we are strongest when we work together and support one another.
In contrast, modern liberalism is much more focused on tearing down the things that bind us together in favor of breaking American citizens apart into distinct ideological groups. This is distasteful at best and destructive at worst.

The Goals of Conservatism in America

As outlined in a new push to restore true conservatism in the US – the goals of modern conservative groups should be the following:

  • To restore government as a facilitator of civic institutions, not an overpowered institution in and of itself 
  • To restore work as a civic institution and advance true free markets rather than allowing oversized corporations to dominate our political processes and discussions 
  • To protect faith as a civic institution. Faith is one of the strongest cultural factors that bind people together 
  • To restore America’s role as the world’s defender, both in terms of the conservation of the natural environment and in terms of preventing the spread of dangerous countries like China and Russia 
  • To restore the balance of "E Pluribus Unum” or to restore the unity we once enjoyed as a country

We can do our part to advance these goals by carefully investigating the people we vote for. It’s no longer enough to vote for whoever is on the Republican ticket.

It’s also critical for us to do our civic duty and elect people at all levels of government, including Senators and Representatives, that will actually fight for American values. 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.   

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